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Apple Pear by Prophet

Apple Pear, takes your crisp green apple and adds it in with a ripe juicy pear. The blend of these two flavors is something so refreshing you are sure to enjoy it.

Blueberry Pomegranate by Prophet

The puckered punch of these two fruits has an aroma surprisingly similar to tangy berries. Let your taste buds be swept up into the orchestra of blueberry, as it plays the divine symphony of dazzling pomegranate. For something so sour and sharp, a pomegranate blueberry eJuice has never sounded so sweet.

Blueberry Raspberry Lemon by Prophet

Blue Raspberry Lemonade is a flavor sweet but not too sweet. The tartness of the lemon mixed with the ripe flavor of the blueberries offers a well-balanced tinge of sour flavor that is enhanced with the liquid sugar.

Nectarine by Prophet

The nectarine is similar to a peach, but actually produces a sweeter and more pronounced flavor. It’s juices are succulent when ripe and make for a very satisfying flavor.

Orange Pineapple by Prophet

Orange Pineapple delivers impacting fruit flavor that will leave you wanting more. The way our Orange and Pineapple flavors compliment each other creates a unique taste you are sure to enjoy.

Peach Blue Raspberry

The crisp sweetness of peach is perfectly balanced by the cool fresh taste of blue raspberry. You cannot be complete until giving this juice a try.

Straw Lemon by Prophet

Straw Lemon takes two opposing flavors of sweet and sour and blends them harmoniously together. Enjoy this strawberry and lemon flavor today!