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Mints – Chocomint

When it comes to your favorite vape flavors, chocomint simply has to be in your top-5 flavors! This Mints collection exclusive is among one of our fan favorites – and for good reason! With this unique vape juice flavor, we combined the taste of sweet, decadent chocolate with a refreshing and invigorating hint of mint to enhance your vaping experience. Perfect for after dinner, or mid-day when you’re looking for something sweet, similar to andes mints.

Mints – Peppermint

As part of our Mints collection, we’ve decided to bring it back to an after-dinner classic – red and white mints! This vape juice offers you the traditional peppermint flavor that you love. Perfect for early in the morning when you’re trying to freshen your breath, or at night when it’s time to clean your palate after a nice meal.

Mints – Spearmint

Spearmint is a common mint flavor that helps you freshen your breath throughout the day just like your favorite flavored gum. This packs a serious flavor punch with an authentic spearmint taste that you’re sure to love. With a fresh, long-lasting spearmint flavor, you can breathe in that fresh vape air all day long.

Mints – Wintergreen

When you’re looking for that cool, refreshing, robust vape flavor to get you through the day, you just can’t go wrong with our Mints Vape Juice collection! Take a look at our wintergreen vape flavor – this unique vape juice packs a cold and invigorating punch specifically designed to make your vaping experience something entirely fresh. Designed to give you that fresh feeling that you could expect with a wintergreen flavored candy or a mint. Spot on White Wint-O-Green Life Saver flavor.